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First of all we are not protest people, I have never signed a petition before in my life. We are not boycott people either, well most of aren't, one of us is still boycotting Autozone, I can't remember why. Most of us are not old enough to remember the 60's, a few remember the 70's, all of us remember the 80' and most of the 90's (some blank spots there). The 00's have been a blur.

Why we are doing this is simple, we believe.

We took the things said that only passed between friends in emails and admittedly edited them and built on them for content on our web sit.

 Generally we discuss all kinds of movies and tv shows, new releases and old favorites. But the James Bond thread to our discussions took on its own life.

This web site was built to share the general thoughts of fans, our thoughts and others who feel as we do and would like to share them.

Non of us are members of or have posted to any of the traditional 007 fan bulletin boards or Usenet groups.

We are not a part of any group, and the idea for the web site was a spontaneous one.

I am the main face of the group because I chose to be, I took the initiative to create this web site. I also take the scorn, the heat, the criticism, and the praise. So far I like praise the best, even if it's not for my idea.

That's who we are.

John Towers



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