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Wanted real comments from real people

We want to make available the honest fan comments and feelings.

You, your friends & family are welcome put together a few

thoughts about the new 007. Anything you would like to say. Comments need

not be much or can be as long as anyone wants to write 'em.

The idea is to add to our web page more and more individual comments

from disaffected fans, and just keep adding what real people think and feel from

around the world about what's being done to 007, how they feel they have been

treated. The more people that speak out the more persuasive it is.


Qualifications, there arenít any

You donít need to know everything about James Bond,

If youíve only seen 1 movie or all of them.

If you liked all of the actors that have played Bond or not.

If youíve watched the movies in the theater. 

If you own the movies on dvd/vhs or only watch them rerun on TV.

If youíve been posting to bulletin boards or lurking

If you are boycotting Casino Royal or  not

If youíve signed the petition or not

If you are not happy with the current Bond actor/script it is your right to say something about it. Donít let anyone convince you other wise.

Donít worry about the heat, itís our kitchen we can take the heat, weíll  be your firewall.


Email us your comments at 

Please no obscene or overly profane comments.

We will try to leave comments as originally written, but they may be edited or rewritten as needed.

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