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Pierce's Image

~~ From Pierce Brosnan's Long and Winding Road To Bond~~
In August 1990, there was some controversy with regard to John Gardner's latest Bond novel, Brokenclaw. According to USA Today, the profiled figure on the dustjacket looked very much like Pierce Brosnan, and people were asking him if he had posed for it. This image had been used on other hardcover editions of Gardner's books, and was actually discontinued for a time.

I took pictures of the Gardner 007 books I have with this cover adding them to the website here.
You can be the judge for yourself.

If the image used on some of the James Gardner 007 books looks like or similar to Pierce Brosnan. Then it has to be considered that Pierce Brosnan has been in the public eye for over 20 years as James Bond.

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Role Of Honor

1984 Putnam Books

Nobody Lives Forever

1986 Putnam Books

No Deals, Mr.Bond

1987 Putnam Books


1988 Putnam Books

Win, Lose Or Die

1989 Putnam Books


1990 Putnam Books

The Man From Barbarossa

1991 Putnam Books

Death Is Forever

1992 Putnam Books

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